Fallen Tree


One of the very first shots I took after the purchase of my Canon SLR. It was taken entirely by accident and without much thought to the composition. I love the colours in this one, the bright blue sky and the clouds that seem to come at you. I was using the auto settings on the camera at the time, although looking back I’m still not sure if I would have changed any of the settings to camera chose that time.

The location was on a beach near Lowestoft, around Christmas time and early in the morning.

Tree on a dark night


After being inspired by an article in Digital Photo, I set out with my camera, tripod, remote shutter release and torch in hand to paint with light. This was the result. After a few practice runs and a lot of trial and error.

Post processing I lightened the sky in the background and some of the branches that weren’t caught by the torch to add some depth and added a film grain filter. I was going for the old photo style.