Bench on the Pier

This image was taken in Falmouth. I was feeling a bit down having some how gotten chicken pox for the second time in my life. I was looking for inspiration for my AOP course and was looking for contrasts. I took this as I was looking for curves. It seemed full of them and after reviewing it on my laptop I experimented with photoshop and decided that it worked better in BW as it concentrated the image on the shapes and lines of the subject.

Hope you like it.

One thought on “Bench on the Pier

  1. Hi Angela, glad to see you are pushing on with the course 🙂

    I like this image, the framing is spot on and maximises the impact of the ‘curves’ idea. It does work well in mono somehow colour would take some of the impact away

    In fact IMHO this subject would be good for the single assignment1 image which needs to show a contrast within the same shot. By moving a little to the right (but not loosing those splendid curves) to include a bit more of the straight lines of the seat you would have ‘curved/straight’ in the same image ….. bingo! A good shot for trying with the siggy 10-20 🙂

    Edit: somehow your rating system recorded the wrong rating 🙁 …. I clicked on 9/10 🙂

    Dave B.

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